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service : Equipped, Professional, Trusted

Certified Harley Technician - Our technician knows your Harley inside and out.

Experienced Parts Manager - We navigate parts solutions with seasoned proficiency.

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Affordable Service - $105 hourly rate for top-quality service.

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Multiple 5-star feedback from our customers shows our commitment to excellence!

lets get your ride right!

Warhorse Baggers Inc is equipped to handle a range of motorcycle services to keep your ride in top condition. Here are some examples of common services!


Air Filter

Enhance performance and fuel efficiency with a clean air filter. It's essential for your motorcycle's health.


Bars Upgrade

Modify your motorcycle's aesthetics and comfort with bar upgrades.

Fluids Change

Ensure your motorcycle operates smoothly with our comprehensive fluid changes, encompassing everything from engine oil to brake fluid.


Wheel / Tire

Upgrade your ride with the perfect wheel and tire combo. We handle installation and balancing for optimal safety and performance


Brakes & Rotors

Safety first! We offer top-quality brake and rotor services to ensure you have optimal stopping power on the road.


Exhaust Upgrade

Upgrade to a premium exhaust system to enhance your motorcycle's performance, sound, and aesthetics. 

Affordable Service Solutions


Experience the flexibility of dividing your service payments using Affirm. We've collaborated with them to provide an accessible and cost-effective solution, emphasizing the importance of giving your motorcycle the premium care it warrants. Our goal is to always put your needs first, ensuring top-quality service without financial strain



Explore the benefits of our strong partnership with Acima. We're committed to ensuring you get the parts you desire immediately, offering you the convenience to pay at a later time. Our dedication is to go above and beyond, ensuring every ride is a smooth experience for our valued customers


Service Scheduling Made Simple!

Submit Info: Drop your contact and bike details below.
Customer Connect: We'll reach out to discuss your needs.
Service Set: Together, we'll pick the perfect day for your service.

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common FAQ's

  • Do you install tires that are not purchased at Warhorse Baggers Inc?

    • No, we exclusively install tires purchased from us to ensure quality and safety.

  • Can I get an estimate for a specific service or upgrade?

    • Absolutely! Reach out to our team with the details of your bike and the service required, and we'll provide you with an accurate estimate. 214-878-9320 Ext:1

  • Do you carry out full Harley-Davidson motorcycle diagnostics?

    • Yes, we have specialized equipment and certified technicians to perform comprehensive diagnostics on Harley-Davidson motorcycles.

  • Can I source my own parts and bring them in for installation?

    • While we can install parts you bring in, we highly recommend sourcing parts through us to guarantee fit, compatibility, and quality.

  • How often should I get my Harley-Davidson serviced?

    • We generally recommend a regular service interval based on miles ridden or annually, whichever comes first. However, this can vary based on how frequently and in what conditions the bike is ridden.

  • How long does a typical service appointment last?

    • Service duration can vary based on the job. Routine maintenance might be quicker, whereas significant repairs or custom jobs may require more time. We always aim to return your bike promptly.

  • What warranty or guarantee do you offer on your services?

    • All our services come with a commitment to quality. Specific warranties or guarantees depend on the service or part, and we're happy to discuss these details with you.

  • Can I schedule a service appointment online?

    • Yes! Use our online scheduling tool or reach out directly via phone or email to set up your service appointment.

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