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Could this be true?


Certainly! It's our way of saying thanks for supporting the brand. I don't think it gets any better than this! Besides awesome gear, there is also the chance that you might take home the prize!


Each sweepstakes is governed according to all laws and regulations by the nation's leading licensed agency (Compliance Sweepstakes Services ). It is our LEGAL responsibility to carry out the sweepstakes in its entirety. Changing the date is not possible and the prize must be presented to the winner who is neither related to Warhorse Baggers Inc. or affiliated with the organization. You can participate in the contest with full assurance that you have an equal chance of winning the contest. Are you looking for more information? Check out our official rules HERE


My entries have been submitted, but how do I know?


Once the checkout process is completed, all entries are submitted to the sweepstakes agency. You are entered to win with each order placed during the sweepstakes period. You can't be left out! Once checkout is completed, you do not need to create an account or complete any further steps. Although you're always welcome to become a member!! No matter how many orders you place, ALL entries will be tied to your name and contact information!


Will you contact me via social media?


We will only contact you once you have been contacted by an agent with our sweepstakes agency. They will not request payment of any kind so be aware! 


Scammers will usually request personal information or payment.



I only received a part of my order, Where is the rest?


There is no need to worry! There is a good chance the rest of your order is on its way and will reach you soon! For further questions in the case of not receiving it, you can always contact us.


You can also, reach us at


-Please provide the following information:

• First and Last Name

• Order #


I never received my package. Do I still qualify for the giveaway?


Yes, without a doubt! The processes of delivering merchandise and entering sweepstakes are completely separate. The moment a customer completes an order on our website, two things happen.


We automatically submit your entries to our sweepstakes administrator.

-Your merchandise order will be packed and shipped.


I never got a confirmation email: 


Make sure that you check your JUNK / SPAM folder. We encourage you to get in touch with our customer service team if you are still unable to find your email

The following information can be emailed to (


• First and Last Name

• Full address (House #, Street, Town, ZIP code)


How long does it take to ship my order?


In general, items are processed within three to five days, depending on the item. Then the item is shipped to you! We do our best to get the items as quickly as possible so please allow up to 5 business days (not including Saturdays/Sundays) before reaching out for an update. 

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