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At Warhorse Baggers Inc, we profoundly value the unwavering support of our community of riders and enthusiasts. You are more than customers; you are our extended family, sharing the same passion for the open road. We believe in celebrating this mutual bond and giving back to our community whenever possible. It's more than just motorcycles — it's about acknowledging the spirit of camaraderie and gratitude. This sentiment is the driving force behind our regular giveaways. Scroll down to explore our past shirt winners and the lucky rider who bagged the prize in Bike Giveaway #1. Your support fuels our journey, and we're excited to keep rewarding our community in as many ways as we can. Thank you for being a part of the Warhorse Baggers family!

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warhorse baggers bike giveaway #1

Our first Bike Giveaway at Warhorse Baggers Inc. was a remarkable event, and we were overjoyed to see Tracy Brown emerge as the lucky winner! Tracy is now the proud owner of a stunning 2020 Indian Challenger, along with a cool cash prize of $2000. We couldn't be more thrilled for him. This Indian Challenger is more than a motorcycle - it's a dream, an adventure waiting to unfold. And we can't wait to see Tracy conquer the highways with it. The sight of him riding that beauty home filled us with immense satisfaction and gratitude for our community's support. Tracy, we're truly excited for all the miles you're going to log and the memories you'll make with your new ride. Congratulations from everyone at Warhorse Baggers Inc. - enjoy the journey!


Our inaugural Bike Giveaway at Warhorse Baggers Inc. was not only about the grand prize. We had three rewarding tiers to ensure we celebrated and gave back to our community as much as we could. We were thrilled to see Shawn and James join Tracy among the lucky winners. Shawn clinched the First Prize, taking home $1000, while James nabbed the Second Prize, bagging a generous $500. Meeting these gentlemen was a true pleasure, and seeing their joy in receiving their prizes was a great experience. Every individual in our community is special to us, and being able to show our appreciation in this way was an experience we will cherish. Congratulations, Shawn and James — you truly embody the spirit of the Warhorse Baggers family!

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